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5 Virtual Pet Collecting, Breeding DApp Games

by Monica Padillo


Crypt-Oink is a simulation DApp game, developed by Japanese firm Good Luck 3, where players can collect, breed, and train their own 3D animated pigs called Cryptons.

Players can enter their Cryptons in a race called Gran Ton Rismo, which is a word play based on a car racing video game series called Gran Turismo. Players can also increase the skills of their Cryptons by making them undergo training for the race.

Axie Infinity

In the world of Axie Infinity, players get to collect Axies and raise them like pets in an in-game 6×6 environment called Terrarium. Axies are virtual creatures that have different body parts inspired by real-life creatures, mythical beasts, and inanimate objects. The class composition of the Axie’s body parts actually contribute to the creature’s stats and ability to fight in battles.

Axie Infinity somewhat also acts as a strategy game as players will have to think deeply about their Axie’s body parts and how they can work together.