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Dapp.com Adds Support for DApps Built on Klaytn

by Monica Padillo

Dapp.com has merged with Kakao’s public blockchain project Klaytn to feature the new and upcoming DApps on the new Korean blockchain platform.

According to DApp.com, the partnership will help DApp enthusiasts discover “trusted” and “accurate” on-chain user activities on DApps on Klaytn.

Kyle Lu, CEO of Dapp.com, will also take part in Klaytn’s blockchain application competition Klaytn Horizon, which has a prize pool of $1,000,000 worth of KLAY tokens, as a judge alongside Ethan Kim, partner of Hashed, and Sukjae Chang, CEO of Coinone.

Lu noted that Kakao’s Klaytn project will help “bring blockchain into daily use of the mass audience”, as user on-boarding is currently one of the issues in blockchain technology.

Klaytn is now the seventh blockchain project that Dapp.com supports.

The Kakao-supported project is a smart contract platform that consists of features present in both public and private blockchains such as decentralized data and control, distributed governance, low latency, and high scalability.

Its mainnet currently supports eight DApps, namely Cosmochain, Hint Chain, Pibble, Antube, Spin Protocol, Airbloc, Insureum, and Piction Network.