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Adventure and Strategy Blockchain-Based RPGs for the Video Game Addicts

by Monica Padillo

RPGs or role-playing games have contributed largely to pop culture since the past century that they now even serve as a significant form of escape from reality for most people. These games provide players the opportunity to immerse in various worlds and go through compelling and thrilling storylines.

Also, in some way, RPGs give players the sense of fulfillment and the realization of the importance of teamwork that can be applied in various aspects in their daily lives.

Because of their great contribution to society, it’s no wonder that RPGs have made it into the blockchain world.

Over the past few years, several role-playing DApp games have been released in the decentralized market. Some of the are:


Similar to the popular video game Grand Theft Auto, DopeRaider is an Ethereum-based DApp game that revolves around the underground drug business. Players get to act as Narcos, unique ERC-721 token characters who grow weed, process cocaine, and trade products at district markets. 

Narcos can improve their skills and earn respect by traveling to the seven districts in DopeRaider and buying or selling dope or stealing stash from other Narcos.

Players can make a profit in real life since all financial activities in the game such as traveling, raiding, and purchasing and upgrading items flow back in the economy.


CryptoFights is a 1v1 RPG blockchain game built on top of the Ethereum network. In order to earn XP and gold, which can be used to purchase in-game weapons and armor, players need to win matches.

The DApp game has an element of luck as the matches, which includes the initiatives, attacks, and damages, are based on dice rolls.


0xWarriors allows players to build and manage squads of up to five warriors and equip them with different weapons and armor. Players can freely customize the style and skill sets of their warriors.

The assets in the game the non-fungible tokens so aside from using them in battle, players can trade them to gain profit.

The DApp game is available on EOS, Ethereum, and TRON.

EOS Dynasty

EOS Dynasty is a mobile RPG DApp game that is available for both Android and iOS devices. Players can build their own team of warriors, archers, and wizards to battle it out against other players.

Players can improve the skills of their warriors by equipping them with various armor and weapons. EOS Dynasty can acquire better loot when they progress further into the game.

The cryptocurrency used in the game is Three Kingdoms Token, which can be obtained by completing missions, joining campaigns, winning PvP battles or trading assets in the marketplace.