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Indie DApp Game Card Maker to Launch Ice Cream Town on IOST

Following the recent launch of its Nature Town on NEO, Card Maker, an indie user-generated content DApp game, is set to open a new town on the IOST network within September.

IOST said via Medium that its token will be used as the main external circulating token on the new Card Maker town called Ice Cream Town.

Card Maker expects Ice Cream Town to encourage more people to explore the IOST public chain. The effort is part of its plan to build a multi-town sharing economy system, with the launch of Nature Town on NEO and Cake Town on Ethereum.

The DApp game combines classic card strategy and rogue-like gameplay, making it similar to popular video games Hearth Stone, Slay the Spire, and Yueyuanzhiye.

Card Maker provides players the freedom to develop their own cards, roles, and modules, as well as features UGC, token economy, and decentralized finance.

The blockchain game is built with HTML5, making it compatible with different devices.

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