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DApps for Food Reviews and Recommendations

by Monica Padillo

Restaurant reviews contribute greatly to how we choose where we want to eat. It is especially important for picky eaters and people who are scared of checking out new restaurants that serve new and contemporary dishes.

For this reason, transparency is essential in leaving reviews and recommendations. And that’s where blockchain technology comes in.

Since blockchain promises to provide transparency and improved security in various transactions, it’s no surprise that it has made its way to the food industry. There are actually several DApps in the market now that can verify food and restaurant reviews and recommendations and even reward reviewers for the contributions.

Some of these DApps are:


Tasteem is a Steem-based DApp that rewards users for creating, uploading, and upvoting guides about their favorite restaurants. 

It holds weekly contests where users can write reviews regarding different types of restaurants such as bakeries and pizzerias. Creators that will be included in the top 10 of each contest will be upvoted $20 or depending on Tasteem’s voting power.

Restaurant Private I

Built on top of the Ethereum network, Restaurant Private I allows users to create anonymous reviews of different restaurants and eateries. The DApp requires users to take a photo of their receipt to confirm their visit in the restaurant. Once their reviews are approved, users will receive Lunch Money tokens in their ERC20 address.

Users are only allowed to leave one feedback per receipt and three reviews per day.


Hintchain is a Klaytn-based DApp that analyzes data about personal food tastes and behavior to create food profiles and provide consumers with food and restaurant recommendations.

Through its service, the DApp helps users to seamlessly select food in restaurants, convenience stores, food marts, and even hospitals. In this way, Hintchain also aims to help food suppliers prevent food excess and supply deficiency.