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NodeBrick Integrates DAI Into RPG DApp Game Infinity Star

by Monica Padillo

South Korean game developer NodeBrick has integrated the U.S. dollar-pegged DAI stablecoin into RPG DApp game Infinity Star, the beta version of which will be released in late September.

Infinity Star said via Medium that the collaboration with MakerDAO and integration of DAI into the blockchain game is expected to help address issues that can be brought forth by volatility, as well as introduce DAI to a wider audience.

“Many first time cryptocurrency holders get involved in the space to play blockchain games and as gamers gradually recognize the benefits of Dai, they will not only find playing games enjoyable, they are also able to explore a whole new ecosystem without the threat of volatility,” Infinity Star noted.

NodeBrick is also planning to allow players to use DAI to pay for seasonal item sales and trade digital premium game items in Infinity Star.

The move follows the game developer’s integration with OpenSea, a decentralized marketplace for crypto collectibles.

“We always believe that strategic and meaningful partnerships is the key to bringing in more value to the community and to our users,” Nodebrick CEO Huey Shin said, “The partnerships we undertake realizes these beliefs across how we are building Infinity Star.”

NodeBrick recently launched the pre-sale of the Ethereum-based, two-dimensional idle DApp game.