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3 Social Media DApps for Content Creators

by Monica Padillo

Over the past decade, bloggers and influencers use the power of social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube to generate income. One only needs to post a compelling or relatable piece or be a meme sensation to gain followers and recognition from companies that are looking into recruiting new faces to boost their business.

But with the number of popular internet personalities increasing almost everyday, it is getting harder and harder to attract attention and generate a source of income.

However, several social media DApps have been introduced to the public in recent years. These blockchain apps help anyone earn money while posting content that they want or simply participating in the social media ecosystem.

Here are some unique social media apps built on top of blockchain:


Cent is a content sharing marketplace built on top of the Ethereum network. Users are incentivized by creating and sharing content, responding to questions, sorting and tipping responses to those questions, and seeding posts with money.

The team behind Cent developed the DApp to reward people for creating significant content, the value of which is given to corporations managing the platform the posts are hosted on.


KARMA is an EOS-based DApp that acts similarly to Facebook and Instagram in a way that it allows people to post positive and interesting content. It rewards users with KARMA tokens for every upvote that their posts receive.

Since the DApp works on a positive environment, users are also allowed to downvote posts that may be spam, fake, or related to abuse or bad deeds to drive self-regulation in the community and monitor other users who are trying to change the ecosystem.


Viewly is a video sharing platform also built on top of the Ethereum network. This DApp allows creators with small, medium or large‐sized audiences to monetize their content and directly get support from viewers and fans. It also enables viewers to watch videos without ads or clickbaits and vote on videos to help creators grow their accounts.

The maximum reward that creators can earn is determined by the daily rewards pool, which is set by combining the amount of published videos and cast votes in recent days.

Viewly does not claim rights to the videos uploaded on the platform, giving creators full ownership of their content.