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4 DApps that Support Charitable Causes

by Monica Padillo

The use of blockchain has evolved greatly since its inception in 2008 as the technology for Bitcoin. From finance, blockchain has been used in various industries such as healthcare, gaming, personal identification, and art.

With an equally evolving world that is continuously painted with heavy social issues, it’s no surprise that certain organizations or companies have started using blockchain to alleviate certain world problems.

Below are some DApps that support various charitable causes:


Herorats is an IOST-based minesweeper-like DApp game jointly developed by iost-Q.E.D and Apopo, a non-government organization that trains actual African pouched rats to detect landmines and other explosives in over 50 countries.

Players can play the game and purchase in-game assets through IOST, PayPal, or their credit card. They can also donate a portion of their earnings directly to Apopo, which will then use the money to train African pouched rats. 

King of the Bill

King of the Bill is a decentralized platform built on top of the Ethereum network that forwards donations to an organization named GiveDirectly, which then uses the offerings to financially support low-income households in Kenya, Uganda, and Rwanda through mobile phone-linked payment services.

GiveDirectly selects households by locating them using publicly available data, approaching the poor families in person to collect information, then enrolling them as recipients.

The DApp displays the top 10 donors who pledged the most amount of money.


Also built on top of the Ethereum blockchain, CryptoCare is a crypto collectible DApp game that supports philanthropic projects. When players purchase a CryptoCare Pal, 95 percent of the fund will be donated to their chosen charity, while 5 percent will be used to maintain the platform or donated to other social impact causes.

Some of the causes that CryptoCare supports include preservation of the environment and humanitarian operations.


Veros is an Ethereum-based platform that hosts fundraisers for social causes such as wildlife preservation, environmental protection, and humanitarian operations.

Individuals or NGOs can place their donations to various causes worldwide by giving Digital Hearts at zero fees. Veros also uses advertisement revenues to fund eco-innovational and eco-friendly projects.

Veros is available for PC and Android phones so far.