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Space-Themed Blockchain Games for Sci-Fi Addicts

by Monica Padillo

Since not a lot of humans can go to outer space (it will take A LOT of money to do so), space-themed games are a way of exploring extraterrestrial worlds. Playing interstellar DApp games, in particular, can help players study and apply smart strategies and earn crypto rewards along the way.

Here are several space-themed games for the sci-fi addicts:


0xUnierse is an Ethereum-based three-dimensional DApp game that allows players to build spaceships, explore the galaxy, and acquire and sell unique planets, which are the most important assets in the game. The more planets that players acquire, the more resources and spaceship-building knowledge they can collect as well.

Throughout the game, players can also collect certain artifacts from ancient civilizations that unveil the storyline of 0xUniverse.


NextColony is a Steem-based space simulation DApp game set in a post-nuclear war world where humans are trying to flee from their decaying home planet due to a radioactive fallout. Survivors built their spaceships and tried to take as many people as possible to space. Like 0xUniverse, NextColony players can find and colonize planets, fight for resources, and trade digital collectibles.


Also built on top of the Ethereum blockchain, ExoPlanets is a three-dimensional space exploration game where players can own exoplanets that are based from real data from NASA.

Players can also evolve life on their exoplanets, explore the galaxy using their spaceships, and mine resources and ERC20 tokens from other planets, which will be proven through a Proof-of-Gaming system.