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3 Fun Arcade DApp Games

by Monica Padillo

There are times when we just want to relax and enjoy a less thrilling, but nonetheless fun game. Classic arcade games on our phones and old handheld gaming consoles have helped us get through our dull days. 

There are actually several DApp games in the blockchain market now that are similar to the arcade games we used to play as kids. Only this time, we can earn money and real rewards as we play.

Some of these DApp games are: 


HyperSnakes is a multiplayer game that is similar to online massively multiplayer video game Slither.io. In HyperSnakes, the snakes of players grow in size as they consume coins or the smaller snakes of other players. It also offers a Battle Royale-like gameplay, giving players a more exciting experience.


CryptoMibs is a gaming platform where users can create, collect, trade, and play with ERC-721 compliant digital marbles​. There are currently two games in CryptoMibs: Sky Drop and Snakes & Marbles.

Snakes & Marbles, in particular, is almost like a new take on the classic arcade game Snake.


CryptoDozer is a decentralized version of the classic coin dozer game. Here, players can push coins and collect CryptoDolls and treasures that can be used to unlock rewards. The CryptoDolls can also be donated in real life to UNICEF to support their programs for children worldwide.

Like any other coin dozer game, CryptoDozer enables players to use in-game items such as “Walls”, “Fever Time”, and “Bull Dozer” to acquire more coins and dolls and boost their ranking.