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File Sharing and Storage DApps

by Monica Padillo

The use of cloud services has increased in recent years as more and more people veer away from the traditional means of sharing or storing various files and turn to digital devices. Cloud services has also made it more convenient for office workers or basically everyone on the internet to send important documents or accomplish collaborations over the internet.

However, no matter how advantageous these services may be, they could also be prone to various privacy risks as they are given by third-party entities.

Since blockchain technology promises the benefit of security and transparency, numerous DApps have been unveiled to the public for their file sharing and storage needs.

Here are some of them:


Opacity is a private cloud storage built on top of the Ethereum network. It allows anyone to store up to 10GB of files for free and offers additional storage, which can be paid in OPQ tokens. Users are each given a private key or a unique Opacity Account Handle as their ID login for their storage accounts. Users can also share their files by providing a simple link to the recipient.


Envelop is a Blockstack-powered cloud storage DApp that simply enables users to upload their files and securely share them with anyone. It has an infinite default storage with a 25MB file limit. It can be accessed through the web or its Android mobile app.


Also built on top of the Blockstack network, Blackhole is similar to other cloud storage and file sharing apps, only that it allows its users to further protect their files by adding extra password protection layers to them. Users can also upload files sizes up to 512MB for free. For 8GB or 8,192MB files, users will have to subscribe to Blackhole’s “Plus” plan. This DApp can be accessed through the web or its mobile app.