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3 DApps for Bookworms and Aspiring Authors

by Monica Padillo

The origin of literature goes back to the Sumerian civilization when people developed a writing system and recorded documents and poetry on clay tablets. As the world evolved, everyone has traded clay tablets and physical books for tablets and online platforms that allow anyone to publish their own literary pieces.

It is no different in the blockchain world. With the peer-to-peer and transparency benefits of the technology, readers and authors alike now have access to various repositories of e-books and decentralized platforms where they can freely share their art. 

There are currently a few DApps in the market that caters to literature enthusiasts. Some of these DApps are:


Poethry is a platform that lets users post their original poems and earn money from doing so. Other users on the platform can also act as judges who will vote on the poems that they like. 

The first poem that reaches 10 votes will win the jackpot, which is the accumulation of payments that were given by users to vote or register on the platform. Voting or registering on Poethry costs 0.004 ETH.


Publica serves as a decentralized platform where authors can publish their own books. It hosts book ICOs, which consists of authors pre-selling copies of their work as readable tokens to active and reward their initial readers. Book ICOs also helps author get funds to finish their book.

Publica also has a catalogue of e-books that users can purchase using PBL tokens.

The Library

The Library is a repository of uncensored public domain books that mainly tackle scientific and cultural topics. It is run by Holocron.Foundation, which initially aimed to retain long term data on the Ethereum Blockchain.