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3 Decentralized Messaging Apps

by Monica Padillo

The way humans communicate with each other has evolved immensely over the past centuries–we have gone from letters to telephones to smartphones. With the help of convenient mobile messaging applications nowadays, we can communicate with anyone from basically any point on the planet.

However, as developments in technology continue to grow every day, cyber criminals have found ways to hack into centralized messaging apps in recent years, alarming many app users regarding their privacy.

To solve this, some companies have turned to blockchain technology to ensure that the data of users are securely encrypted in a decentralized system. Here are some messaging DApps that are open to the public? 


Nestree is an incentive-based messaging DApp built on top of the Ethereum network. Users of the DApp are rewarded with EGG tokens when they invite friends, watch advertisements, and generally participate in its ecosystem.

It also includes an in-app crypto wallet, which hosts various cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ether, DAI, and Binance Coin, and exchange where users can trade their money.

Sense Chat

Sense Chat is an EOS-based messaging DApp that allows users to send, receive and store EOS and SENSE Tokens while they talk with friends and family members through text or video without a third-party entity tracking their every word or maliciously taking their data. 

It works seamlessly like popular centralized messaging apps in the virtual market, except that it is more transparent and secure.


Based on the Tron blockchain, ReynaChat enables users to anonymously communicate with other users and exchange data. The team behind the DApp reports that it uses a personal encryption protocol to maintain the anonymity of users. 

It is currently in its Alpha stage of development.