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DApps for Streaming Movies and TV Shows

by Monica Padillo

We have all entered the age of streaming videos on demand. Long gone are the days of waiting in front of the TV for our favorite show or lining up in the movie theater to watch the latest releases. Thanks to video-on-demand platforms such as Netflix and HBO Go, people who lack the time to go to the cinema or anticipate their favorite TV shows can now sigh of relief and watch various video content to their liking.

However, there is still the issue of piracy and illegal downloads as some people still prefer to escape from payment dues. Piracy greatly hurts motion picture studios and their staff who worked hard to create blockbuster films.

With blockchain technology, the entertainment industry now has a stronger sense of security.  Various media companies have adopted blockchain to implement a transparent way for people to stream movies and shows and for producers to release their work.

Two of these decentralized movie and TV show streaming platforms that are open to the public are:


Built on top of the Ethereum blockchain, MTonomy is a platform where users can rent or buy hard-to-find films, documentaries, and theatrical shows using Ether.

It offers rights and content management services for content owners, distributors and service providers


This blockchain video-on-demand platform allows end-users to stream or download films using ERC20-compliant CNZ tokens, which can be acquired through independent online exchanges or other forms of payment. 

Smart contracts help control the right of the films uploaded on Cinezen. Through Cinezen’s use of blockchain tech, movie viewers can directly send payment to content rights holders such as local distributors, independent producers or sales agents.