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DApps for Hailing Rides and Renting Vehicles

by Monica Padillo

Ride hailing apps are there to save the day when public transportation systems in different countries become more unbearable every day. These apps have helped save time and effort for passengers, as well as given more job opportunities to drivers. Car rentals have likewise become a convenient way for people to use a private vehicle without having to buy one.

In recent years, several decentralized ride-hailing and car rental DApps have been introduced to the public to help provide a stronger sense of security, in physical and financial aspects, for both drivers or car owners and riders.

Some of these DApps are:


Drife is an EOS-powered ride-hailing DApp that aims to allow passengers to pay in fiat money, such as cash or cards, or DRF tokens. Since the DApp intends to break the centralized system of most ride-hailing apps, Drife ensures that the fare will be fully given to the drivers included in its network.

Drife intends to initially operate in Singapore, India, London, and the Middle-East, with plans to expand to other countries in the future.


TADA, which is exclusively available in Singapore, rewards both drivers and riders in its ecosystem. Since it is leveraging blockchain technology, TADA ensures that the full revenue of the ride is directly given to the driver. However, a small fee will be charged to the ride for debit or credit card payments. MVL tokens will also be rewarded to drivers separately from the service fee when they provide high quality service to riders.

Meanwhile, passengers are also given MVL tokens when they leave feedback for other passengers to see.


Apart from ride-hailing service, DAV hosts other transportation and delivery services on its platform. Staying true to its decentralized peer-to-peer feature, it allows people to onboard their own manned or autonomous vehicles on the network. Transactions on the DApp are secured through smart contracts, which are directly tied to the DAV token.

DAV, which stands for Decentralized Autonomous Vehicles, is built on top of the Ethereum blockchain.


HireGo is more of a car rental DApp than a ride-hailing one. It allows users with little to no background in blockchain to list or rent cars available on the DApps decentralized network.

All transactions on the DApp are secured through smart contracts and completed using HGO tokens. HireGo also enables users to convert from and to other currencies within the DApp.