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3 DApps for Storing and Protecting Digital Photos

by Monica Padillo

Cloud storage has helped save time and resources when it comes to storing or sending files such as photos and videos. Gone are the days of developing negatives or burning memories into VHS tapes or CDs. Thanks to various advancements in technology, anyone can store or send files with a click of a button.

Blockchain technology has especially helped provide enough security that one needs when keeping photos in a virtual storage. There are several DApps in the market now that privately encrypts photos so that users have full ownership over their precious memories.

Some of these DApps are:

Textile Photos

Textile Photos is a mobile DApp that privately encrypts photos, protects them through a universally-unique fingerprint, and stores them in a wallet. It also allows users to create public or private encrypted groups called Threads where they can share and view their photos. Textile Photos is available for iOS and Android devices.