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Open Beta Version of Infinity Star to be Released on Sept. 25

by Monica Padillo

South Korean game developer NodeBrick is set to launch the open beta version of Infinity Star on Sept. 25 as global pre-registration and pre-sale events for the DApp game is set to end on Sept. 19.

Infinity Star said via Medium that the open beta version of the blockchain-based game will include 13 features such as character and character skill level-up, character collection, item production, enhancement, and dismantling, and costume and coloring functions, in-game store, ERC721 conversion, player vs. environment battle system, and team settings

The stats of Item, characters, and stage monsters, as well as the currency that will be used in the game will be balanced during the open beta period.

The first four tiers of item crafting will also be opened during the open beta. The succeeding tiers will be released as balancing progresses.

After the open beta, NodeBrick will potentially add new features in the game such as ranking and occupation tournaments, character dispatch or lending, book of collections, a guild and dungeon, and achievement and titles.

Infinity Star is an Ethereum-based, two-dimensional idle role-playing game that is set in a dystopian world where scientists use faint people as lab experiments to discover human superpowers.