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Blockade Games Creates Blockchain Game Developer Platform

by Monica Padillo

Video game development company Blockade Games has unveiled a platform where developers can seamlessly build scalable DApp games with resources they are already familiar with.

The Blockchain Game Developer Platform is designed to help make blockchain games reach the mainstream audience by eliminating all user friction points and scaling to millions of players simultaneously.

The platform will serve as the bridge between blockchains, current decentralized products and services, and Blockade Games’ games, such as Plasma Bears, Pineapple Arcade, and upcoming Ethereum-based role-playing and trading card game Neon District.

Some of the features that the platform will completely provide to developers include non-fungible token caches for deployed contracts, transaction management, user accounts, wallet signature verification, NFT smart contracts, and wallet and payment system integration.

The Blockchain Game Developer Platform will initially support Ethereum and Loom Network’s Basechain, as well as ERC-20 fungible tokens, ERC-721 non-fungible tokens, and ERC-1155 multi-fungible tokens.

Blockade Games plans to release the beta version of the platform in the first quarter of 2020.