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Casual DApp Games for Slow Days

by Monica Padillo

Casual video games have always been a great way to pass the time. Early mobile games such as Angry Birds, Fruit Ninja, Piano Tiles, and Candy Crush have helped most people get through their tedious commute to work or school, kill boredom, or even bond with family members or friends.

This game genre has made its way to the blockchain world. There are already various casual DApp games in the market that are designed to help players both enjoy a simple (or eventually not so simple) game and even earn money along the way.

Some of these DApps are:

Candy Crunch DApp

This puzzle DApp is not much different to the original Candy Crunch game. Players need to switch and match candies to move forward to higher levels. They can also use boosters to overcome more difficult levels. Candy Crunch is generally free to play. Since it is built on top of blockchain, players can use cryptocurrency to purchase in-game items.


CryptoDozer is simply the decentralized version of the coin dozer game. Aside from coins, players can also collect valuable CryptoDolls, which can be used to unlock a better gameplay and a couple of rewards. CryptoDolls can also be donated to UNICEF, which will use the value of the dolls to fulfill its programs for children worldwide.


The developer behind CryptoDozer, PlayDapp, is the same startup that launched DozerBird. Similar to CryptoDozer, DozerBird players can control unique and collectible CryptoDolls and fly through obstacles to obtain key fragments.