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IOST Kicks of Pre-Sale of RPG DApp Game Eternal Fafnir

by Monica Padillo

IOST kicked off the pre-sale of role-playing DApp game Eternal Fafnir a week after it sealed a partnership with DApp game publisher Infun.

The proof-of-believability-based network said via Medium that it will then run a beta test of the blockchain game on Sept. 26, and officially released the game in October.

Eternal Fafnir is a fantasy DApp game where players can summon different types of warriors, fight evil monsters, and acquire various items and equipment, which can be tradable as cryptocurrencies.

The game follows the story of Fafnir, a human-turned-demon dragon that is taking revenge on humankind after he was killed by human soldiers who took his wealth. Players of the game act as warriors challenging Fafnir.

Warriors come in four types: gladiator, mage, archer, and assassin. Warriors are eligible for experience points and enhancement stones when they win over Fafnir.

Various types of events featuring friends referral, leader board, skins, heroes, time-limited buyback and PVP competition will be added to Eternal Fafnir.

In the future, Infun will work to add various features such as friends referral, leaderboard, skins, heroes, time-limited buyback and a player vs. player competition to Eternal Fafnir.