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MegaCryptoPolis Outlines Plan for the Next Three to Five Years

by Monica Padillo

Ethereum-based city builder DApp game MegaCryptoPolis has laid out its plan for the next three to five years.

The Blockchain game said via Medium that expanding to other blockchain networks, starting with TRON before the end of 2019, will potentially lead new players into developing the multi-chain decentralized conglomerate.

The move will require players to use more materials to construct new buildings, provide more value for in-game citizens with top qualifications, increase taxes, and enable improved transactions and adoption.

Each in-game segment, which consists of grouped land plots in MegaCryptoPolis, will also be gradually released and operated on their own blockchain. 

The DApp game will be added with an Airport feature, which will help enable the unlimited  transfer of interoperable microeconomy assets such as citizens, cars, pets, appliances, and various materials between networks.

Additionally, MegaCryptoPolis will authorize specialization in each blockchain network by releasing exclusive materials and non-transferable resources.

Since the DApp game will be released in TRON first under the microeconomy effort, MegaCryptoPolis will launch a pre-order of 2,500 TRON-based in-game asset packs on Oct. 1.