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NEO Becomes .NET Foundation’s First Blockchain Member

by Monica Padillo

NEO has officially become the first blockchain member of Microsoft’s .NET Foundation, which is an organization intentionally formed to drive progress in the development and collaboration around the .NET Framework.

The goal of the partnership is to continue guiding developers in building the “foundation” for the next generation internet, NEO said in a blog post.

“Based on our shared core values and principles, I am confident that this partnership will accelerate developer innovation to drive mass adoption of blockchain and build the foundation for next-gen Internet,” said John deVadoss, head of NEO Global Development Seattle.

The move comes three weeks after NEO unveiled its Blockchain Toolkit for .NET and NEO Express at the press conference for its inaugural NEO Community Assembly in Shanghai, China.

The plug-in is designed to equip developers with a suite of smart contract development tools through Microsoft Visual Studio, which is used to build computer programs, websites, web apps, web services, and mobile apps.

These smart contract development tools include the NEO Smart Contract Debugger, NEO Express, NEO Smart Contract Compiler Enhancements, NEO-FX Library, and NEO Visual DevTracker.

The NEO Blockchain Toolkit is also expected to help speed up the creation of DApps.