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TRONSCAN Adds Support for One-Click Switch to SUN Network

by Monica Padillo

TRONSCAN, Tron’s blockchain browser, has added support for the SUN Network, a scaling solution designed to expand the ecosystem of TRON’s MainNet.

The browser said via Medium that it has a one-click feature that enables TRONSCAN users to switch between MainNet-based TRONSCAN and SUN Network-based explorer. 

The feature is meant to provide an easier way for users to search for transactions, accounts, blocks, and on-chain statistics.

The move comes a day after TRON unveiled the Sun Network 1.0 (DAppChain), which is expected to help DApps run on TRON without consuming a lot of energy but still implementing enhanced security and efficiency and providing unlimited scaling capacity for the TRON MainNet to support transactions.

DAppChain will also potentially drive progress in the development of the DApp ecosystem and the TRON community’s autonomy.

TRON added that it plans to release a demo of DAppChain to encourage its community members to participate in demo-chain governance, as well as demonstrate the development of more authentication chains.