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Enjin Marketplace Goes Live

by Monica Padillo

Enjin, a Singapore-based blockchain gaming community platform, has launched a marketplace where users can buy and sell ERC-1155 assets.

The trading hub called Enjin Marketplace is designed to work in conjunction with EnjinX and the Enjin Wallet, Enjin said in an announcement.

As it improves over time due to the addition of new DApp games in the market, the marketplace is expected to help bring network effects of traders and introduce new gamers to blockchain.

Enjin Marketplace also promises to provide users with improved security, unified experience, ease of use, seamless searching, and transparency when trading decentralized assets.

“We’ve seen the demand for trading, and we strongly believe that building a great peer-to-peer trading experience is an essential part of bringing real value to games—and driving forward our mission of blockchain adoption,” Enjin noted.

Some of the assets already featured in the decentralized marketplace can be used in the games powered by the Enjin blockchain such as Age of Rust, Forgotten Artifacts, and EnjinCraft.