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Second Impact Develops Klaytn Crosschain for Herorats

by Monica Padillo

Second Impact (IOST-Q.E.D), the development team behind minesweeper-themed DApp game Herorats, has come up with a crosschain solution to enable non-IOST users to play Herorats.

According to a post published on Medium, IOST will initially use the crosschain system with Klaytn, a blockchain platform developed by Kakao subsidiary Ground X.

The Klaytn Crosschain will employ an account called Mediator, designed to receive requests from users of other blockchain platforms and call the IOST blockchain’s contract function instead of the user.

The crosschain solution will potentially help non-IOST users explore Herorats and utilize only one blockchain wallet instead of creating multiple ones for different blockchain platforms.

The move is also expected to help enhance the IOST blockchain ecosystem.

Second Impact added that it will connect to Klaytn MainNet and unveil the beta version of Klaytn Crosschain once the KLAY token is listed on a Korean exchange.

Klaytn recently announced that the KLAY token will initially be listed on Upbit Indonesia, then on Upbit Singapore shortly afterwards.

The South Korea-based blockchain project plans to list KLAY on various cryptocurrency exchanges in different countries to promote Klaytn as a Asia-based platform.