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New Blockchain Casino Crazy House Launched on Loom

by Monica Padillo

Loom Network, a platform-as-a-service that runs Ethereum-based Solidity applications on various blockchains, has revealed that it is hosting a new DApp called Crazy House.

The blockchain casino, which is currently in its beta phase, will feature various mini-games that will be launched individually, starting with a space-themed hover bike race game named Biker Bolt, Loom announced via Medium.

Crazy House is programmed to offer a 1 percent house edge with true randomness, enabling the casino to win 51 percent and lose 49 percent of the time. Players can verify the results by checking the corresponding hash recorded on the blockchain.

Players are also eligible to own a stake in the house when they purchase in-game tokens or win games.

Crazy House will host a three-week Biker Bolt tournament next week with $450 worth of DAI in rewards.

The tournament will have three rounds, each of which will run for three days. Each player will have 10 chips for each round. The player with the most chips in their account at the end of each round wins $150 worth of DAI.