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Neon District to Launch Early Access Sale on Oct. 19

by Monica Padillo

Neon District, an upcoming Ethereum-based cyberpunk-themed DApp game developed by Blockade Games, will launch an early access sale on Oct. 19.

About 1,200 pieces of armor and weapons, each with thousands of combinations of attributes and skills, will be procedurally generated at minting time during the kickstarter, also called Season One Loadout, the blockchain game explained.

The Loadout will enable early access players to boost their characters and gear through the Cyber-Assisted Response Directive leveling system. Players can build up their characters to Level 5.

Neon District will also give players one free character that they can enhance to Level 2, as well as three free characters to send to friends.

The Loadout will run for six weeks leading up to the planned launch of Neon District in mid-December.

Blockade Games recently created Blockchain Game Developer Platform, a program designed to help developers build scalable DApp games with resources they are already familiar with.

The platform will initially support Ethereum and Loom Network’s Basechain, as well as ERC-20 fungible tokens, ERC-721 non-fungible tokens, and ERC-1155 multi-fungible tokens.

Blockade Games plans to release the beta version of Blockchain Game Developer Platform in the first quarter of 2020.