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Block Hop Launches BCH-Powered Sandbox DApp Game RealmX

by Monica Padillo

Block Hop has officially launched a stone age-themed sandbox DApp game named RealmX, which is powered by Bitcoin Cash, for desktop and Android mobile devices.

According to a post by Bitcoin.com, the blockchain game is similar to Pokemon or Final Fantasy in terms of gameplay: players and monsters take turns in striking each other in battles.

Since RealmX is set in the stone age, the goal in the game is to create as many things as possible to increase world productivity. Once the world productivity reaches a certain level, a new world will be revealed.

RealmX players can harvest food, breed animals, and craft or upgrade weapons and items using BCH.

There are two types of crafting: regular and on-chain. Regular crafting means players can create items for free but are limited to using their creations only once. Meanwhile, on-chain crafting allows players to craft permanent items by paying for recipes created by other players.

The game rewards players with BCH for creating recipes for new equipment and weapons. Creating a recipe includes setting the design, ingredients, and the price of the in-game item.

RealmX is free to play and does not require players to deposit BCH.