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Cheeze Wizards Kicks Off $100K Tournament

by Monica Padillo

Cheeze Wizards, a battle royale-themed DApp game developed by Dapper Labs, has kicked off its tournament, with a grand prize of over 600 ETH or $100,000.

The Cheeze Wizards Tournament’s first phase called The Gathering allows players who joined the game’s week-long pre-sale in May to summon more Wizards. During the pre-sale, interested players from around the worldwide summoned 4,740 wizards and spent over 1,013 ETH.

Players can also form or join parties during the first phase of the tournament. Parties will help players support each other, develop strategies, share resources, and win over their competitors. Forming an alliance with other Cheeze Wizards users will also help increase their chances of bagging the grand prize.

The Gathering began on Oct. 14 and will run through Oct. 21.

In the second phase of the tournament, The Beat and Greet, players can duel their Wizards with other Wizards. The power level of Wizard can increase or decrease while dueling. 

Players can still summon Wizards during this phase, which is scheduled to run from Oct. 21 to Nov. 4.

Lastly, in the third phase of the Cheeze Wizards Tournament, players will have to survive the attack of the Blue Mold, a threatening force that will take over the Tournament Tower.

The Blue Mold’s power level will double every day as it consumes the Tower. Once the sinister force fulfills its objective, players will no longer be able to summon new Wizards unless they use the Ascension feature, which will be revealed soon.

The Championship will begin on Nov. 4 until one Wizard remains in the tournament.

Cheeze Wizards is an Ethereum-based DApp game where cheese wizards battle it out for power and Ether.