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Axie Infinity Rolls Out Loom Network Validator for Players

by Monica Padillo

Axie Infinity has rolled out its Loom Network validator to help players earn rewards for validating transactions and staking their Loom with the Ethereum-based fantasy DApp game.

According to the announcement, allowing players to stake more Loom with Axie Infinity will potentially allow the DApp game to better reward its users, expand its user-base, and enhance the Loom ecosystem.

The validator rewards will be distributed to players as in-game prizes.

In May, Axie Infinity became an official validator on the Loom blockchain to protect the network from possible threats.

“Because the integrity of our game depends on the accuracy and trustworthiness of LOOM’s sidechains—we have a lot to lose if the chain is compromised and can thus be trusted not to attempt any attacks on the network,” the blockchain game said.

Axie Infinity is a DApp game where players can collect mythical creatures called Axies and raise them like pets in a 6×6 Terrarium.

Axies’ body parts are a mix of those from real-life creatures, mythical beasts, and inanimate objects. The class composition of the Axie’s body parts actually contribute to the creature’s stats and ability to fight in battles.