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OpenSea Accepts RFR as Payment Option Under Partnership With Refereum

OpenSea, a decentralized marketplace for crypto collectibles, has started accepting RFR tokens as a payment option after partnering with blockchain-powered rewards and marketing firm Refereum.

According to the announcement, the RFR payment option is initially available for CryptoKitties, Cheeze Wizards, and Forgotten Artifacts, with plans to roll it out to more DApp games.

The partnership opens up an opportunity for RFR token holders to purchase, sell, and trade on the OpenSea platform, which holds more than four million listed items from over 135 blockchain-based games.

“OpenSea provides tremendous support for the blockchain gaming community. Their marketplace is vast, offering support for potentially limitless games and assets,” said Sloane Earl, head of sales and partnerships at Refereum.

Refereum and OpenSea have released three new hubs for the three DApp games to celebrate the collaboration. Joining hubs will help players gain points from completing quests such as streaming games or referring friends.

Refereum’s new hubs will feature a giveaway-style rewards system that will convert user points to tickets, which can be used to win prizes.

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