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Dapp.com Initiates Special Auction for DApp Game Assets on OpenSea

by Monica Padillo

Dapp.com has launched a special auction for rare game assets from various DApps such as Axie Infinity, CryptoMotors, KnownOrigin, and 0xUniverse on the OpenSea marketplace.

Players of the blockchain games can bid for their desired assets using DAPPT until Oct. 28, according to Dapp.com’s announcement.

Currently, there are 19 special non-fungible tokens available from KnownOrigin, 15 from 0xUniverse, 9 from CryptoMotors, and 7 from Axie Infinity.

KnownOrigin is a platform where art collectors can discover and buy authentic and unique digital artworks. It allows artists themselves to control the number of copies of their artworks that they would want to sell.

0xUniverse is a three-dimensional DApp game that allows players to build spaceships, explore the galaxy, and acquire and sell unique planets, which are the most important assets in the game. The more planets that players acquire, the more resources and spaceship-building knowledge they can collect as well.

Throughout the game, players can also collect certain artifacts from ancient civilizations that unveil the storyline of 0xUniverse.

CryptoMotors is a blockchain game that lets users create, buy, collect, and trade ERC-721 standard digital cars. Since the cars are non-fungible tokens, users have full ownership rights for their assets.

Axie Infinity is also a collectible DApp game where players can raise mythical creatures called Axies like pets in a 6×6 Terrarium.

Axies’ body parts are a mix of those from real-life creatures, mythical beasts, and inanimate objects. The class composition of the Axie’s body parts actually contribute to the creature’s stats and ability to fight in battles.