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MegaCryptoPolis Schedules Alpha Test on Oct. 22

by Monica Padillo

Ethereum-based city builder DApp game MegaCryptoPolis will conduct its first closed Alpha test on Oct. 22.

The Alpha test will allow the game’s top 100 active users to manage Citizens, construct buildings, produce Resources and Materials, collect salaries, and fight natural disasters, MegaCryptoPolis said via Medium.

The 100 participants will also be supplied with Resources, Materials, and some random Citizens, Pets, and Cars tokens at the start of the test. However, minted tokens during the Alpha test will not be transferred to the mainnet.

The invited players will still be rewarded with five Generation A Citizens, 10 pets, and 10 cars for taking part in the trial prior to the official launch of MegaCryptoPolis 3D. The rewards will be minted to the players’ mainnet Ethereum wallets.

The Alpha test will be conducted on Ropsten Ethereum network, an Ethereum testing platform used before a code is deployed to the mainnet.

MegaCryptoPolis recently revealed its plan for the next three to five years, saying that it will expand to other blockchain networks, which will potentially lead new players into developing the game’s multi-chain decentralized conglomerate.

Each in-game segment will also be gradually released and operated on their own blockchain. 

The DApp game will initially expand to TRON before the end of 2019.