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Axie Infinity to be Listed on Samsung Blockchain Wallet

by Monica Padillo

Ethereum-based DApp game Axie Infinity will be listed in the DApp section of the Samsung Blockchain Wallet.

According to the announcement, players of the blockchain game can trade and battle Axies straight from Samsung Blockchain Wallet as part of Axie Infinity’s partnership with Samsung.

The Samsung Blockchain Wallet is available for download on select Samsung smartphone models such as the Galaxy S10 series, Note 10 series, Galaxy Fold, and Galaxy A90 5G.

Samsung has made various efforts related to blockchain this 2019. Last September, it partnered with Kakao’s blockchain subsidiary Ground X to launch a new Galaxy Note 10 smartphone variant called KlaytnPhone, which is pre-installed with a cryptocurrency wallet and several decentralized applications.

Samsung also added support for incentive-based fitness DApp Lympo. The move allows Samsung Galaxy 10 users to transfer LYM tokens from the Lympo DApp to the Samsung Blockchain Wallet and have them converted to fiat money.