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Token News Organizes Pre-Event Meetup For ‘Decentralizing the Future’

by Monica Padillo

Token News recently hosted a unique pre-event meetup for its upcoming conference, Decentralizing the Future, which will be held on Nov. 10 at the Peninsula Manila in Makati City.

The conference primer consisted of a dating-style panel discussion where a mystery lady asked five questions to three panelists regarding security token offerings or STOs and their potential effect in different economies worldwide. A thick veil was placed between the lady and the three gentlemen, keeping them from seeing each other throughout the game to create some thrill.

The three panelists were Luis Buenaventura (chief strategy officer at BloomX), Mark Vernon (founder of TagCash), and Miguel Cuneta (co-founder and chief community officer of SCI Ventures).

The goal of the game was for the three panelists to each provide a clear answer to the lady’s questions. After which, several coaches would provide their insights about the panelists’ answers to help the lady vote for the panelist who gave an understandable answer.

The coaches included Amadeo Brands (co-founder and chief technology officer at EOI Digital), Rafael Padilla (commercial attorney for FinTech, cryptoassets assets, and blockchain), Rich Hahn (marketing head at SCI Ventures), and Emmanuel Deiparine (crypto and technical analysis advisor).

Throughout the game, the panelists and coaches gave technical but simple responses and occasionally exchanged jokes, creating a light and fun atmosphere at the meetup.

The game concluded with the mystery lady choosing Luis as the panelist who provided clear and concise answers throughout the panel discussion about STOs. Both of them were rewarded with a voucher for a buffet dinner at the Grand Hyatt hotel.

The meetup ended with the guests and game participants conversing with each other over pizza and cool drinks.

The pre-event took place at Acceler8 by UnionSPACE – Legazpi.