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Cocos-BCX, Celer Network Partner to Promote 1808 Standard

by Monica Padillo

Cocos BlockChain Expedition, a DApp game development platform that supports multiple blockchains, will take advantage of Celer Network’s CelerX Gaming SDK to accelerate processing speed, lower costs, and promote the 1808 standard.

Cocos-BCX said in a post on Medium that it will integrate the CelerX Gaming SDK into the Cocos engine and launch a developer package of the technology on the Cocos store.

The CelerX Gaming SDK is expected to help provide game developers and players to seamlessly navigate the Cocos gaming ecosystem as part of an effort to boost traditional and blockchain games on CelerX.

Under their partnership, Cocos-BCX will also promote CelerX in its developer community.

The 1808 standard is a Non-Homogeneous Asset Standard designed to supply game developers a set of unified digital asset standards and specifications, which can be used to enable the exchange and circulation of assets across different blockchains.

The standard supports open or conditional transfer of assets across different games, allows gamers to have full ownership of their assets, and stores data separately from contract data to ensure stronger data security.