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Good Luck 3 to Host IEO for RAKUN Entertainment Platform

by Monica Padillo

Good Luck 3, the game developer behind Ethereum-based DApp game Crypto-Oink, will host an initial exchange offering on Liquid for blockchain-based entertainment platform RAKUN on Nov. 18.

According to the announcement, the move is part of the Japanese firm’s plan to improve the RAKUN platform with third-party games, as well as generally build a play-focused gaming ecosystem where users can actively engage in. 

Kazuhisa Inoue, founder and CEO of Good Luck 3, noted that gaming and gaming economies can potentially drive token circulation, which is currently seen as something difficult to see.

“The RAKUN ecosystem deepens this link between virtual and reality through real user activity, real play, creating token supply and demand,” he added.

RAKUN is a gaming entertainment platform that rewards users with RAKUN tokens for participating in various activities such as consuming and contributing content and engaging with other users in the community.

Users can exchange their earned RAKUN tokens for in-game assets and exclusive content within Good Luck 3’s range of DApp games. RAKUN supports Crypt-Oink as of the moment.

RAKUN seeks to lead gamers into a novel game economy through blockchain, as well as increase the value of RAKUN tokens by circulating and taking advantage of them within games.