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Chainbreakers to Host Crowdsale on Matic for PVP Minigame

by Monica Padillo

Ethereum-based DApp game Chainbreakers will be holding a sale for 630 unique pets on the Matic Network to celebrate the launch of its minigame Trial of Artemis.

Chainbreakers said via Medium that the crowdsale will be divided into three phases, each of which will run for two days and host a limited number of virtual pets that are categorized as epic, rare, and uncommon.

There will be a total of 90 epic pets, 180 rare pets, and 360 uncommon pets available for purchase.

The first phase of the crowdsale will take place on Oct. 31, the second phase on Nov. 2, and the third phase on Nov. 4. Chainbreakers did not disclose which pets will be released in each phase.

Unsold pets after each phase will no longer be made available again in the future.

Chainbreakers players can use their acquired pets in any of Qwellcode’s upcoming games in the same franchise.

The DApp game will also be giving away steam gift cards worth 1200 USD to a total of 39 users through a raffle draw. 

Trial of artemis is a player-vs-player arena game where Chainbreakers players send one pet into an arena and challenge them against another player’s pet. 

The goddess Artemis will distribute food to the pets, helping them gain weight which increases their cooldown duration. The lightest weighing pet will lose the game.