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TRON Integrates With Samsung Blockchain Keystore

by Monica Padillo

Samsung has added support for TRON by integrating the blockchain with the Samsung Blockchain Keystore, enabling developers to build DApps on the blockchain using Samsung devices and directly access some of the TRON blockchain’s features.

According to the announcement, TRON is integrated through the updated Samsung Blockchain Keystore Software Development Kit, designed to help developers link their DApps to the Samsung Blockchain Keystore and provide secure private key authentication.

“We are totally in line with and will support Samsung’s vision and strategy on blockchain technology exploration,” said Justin Sun, founder of TRON and CEO of BitTorrent.

The Samsung Blockchain Keystore is a pre-loaded feature on select Samsung devices. The keystore is programmed to organize private data and digital keys to provide consumers complete control over their information.

Aside from being able to program their DApps to communicate with the Samsung Blockchain Keystore, developers can also permit cryptocurrency transactions on their DApps by taking advantage of the Samsung Blockchain Keystore SDK.