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Photo: Altitude Games

Altitude Games to Hold Exclusive Sale for Special CryptoKitties Cars for Battle Racers

Altitude Games has announced that it will be holding an exclusive sale of limited edition CryptoKitties cars, which will be added to racing DApp game Battle Racers, in November.

The mobile game developer said via Medium that users are required to own at least one CryptoKitty in their MetaMask wallet address to participate in the sale.

CryptoKitties players can obtain crates by using a Battle Racers Kitty Trick, which is a superpower that lets cats unlock hidden features in other DApps.

The superpower can be found in cats with the “Driver” Purrstige trait, which is one of the rare characteristics that adds unique features to a CryptoKitty’s appearance.

Battle Racers is a decentralized racing game developed for the Decentraland platform. The DApp game recently became one of Klaytn’s six new blockchain app partners.

Other BApps that were recently integrated in the Klaytn blockchain ecosystem include Crypto Legends, FiveStars, PlayDapp, EVOLUTION, and Terra Virtua.

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