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TOPIA Network Acquires IOST Play

by Monica Padillo

TOPIA Network, the entity behind TRON-based gaming platform TRONTOPIA, has expanded its reach to IOST by acquiring the IOST Play gaming platform.

The announcement states TOPIA will be implementing changes to its ecosystem as part of the agreement with IOST Play. Some of these changes include swapping existing iPlay token holders over to a new token that will be made similar to TOPIA Diamonds.

TOPIA will work to deploy a new mining token called iTOPIA to restart the mining phase for its platform, as well as introduce mining seasons to help miners in its system gain profit regardless of when they enter the mining period.

Some of TOPIA’s existing DApp games such as Ultimate Dice, LuckyOne Max, and Sportsbook, as well as its future games, will also be ported over to IOST as part of the agreement.

Additionally, a spokesperson from TOPIA disclosed in an interview with IOST Watch that TOPIA will work make changes in IOST’s hybrid on/offchain systems in an effort to remove the oracle and rely on the randomness of future block hashes on the blockchain network.