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Samsung Unveils Blockchain Platform SDK for DApp Developers

by Monica Padillo

Samsung Electronics recently unveiled a software development kit designed to reduce security and complexity issues that commonly arise when developers build DApps.

According to a report by Business Korea, the South Korean company introduced the Samsung Blockchain Platform SDK at Samsung Developer Conference 2019.

The SDK supports the integration of cold wallet company Ledger and the Samsung Blockchain Keystore as a way of giving users more options to store their private keys.

It also enables DApp developers to support cryptocurrency transactions for currency, tokens, and in-game items in their blockchain apps.

Additionally, the SKD allows web-based blockchain apps to work on mobile devices, giving users a more convenient way to complete cryptocurrency transactions without opening their desktop or laptop.

Samsung has been making moves to pierce further in the blockchain industry throughout the year. 

Recently, the company added support for TRON, allowing developers to build DApps on the blockchain using Samsung devices.

Samsung also listed Ethereum-based DApp game Axie Infinity in the DApp section of the Samsung Blockchain Wallet, which is available on blockchain-enabled Samsung phones such as the Galaxy S10 series, Note 10 series, Galaxy Fold, and Galaxy A90 5G.