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Uplandme Introduces EOS-Based, Monopoly-Like DApp Game Upland

by Monica Padillo

Uplandme has introduced an EOS-based DApp game that allows players to purchase, sell, trade, and develop virtual real estate properties that are based on real-world sites, similar to property trading board game Monopoly.

According to a report by VentureBeat, the blockchain-based trading game, Upland, takes advantage of non-fungible tokens and a “play to own” model to ensure players have true ownership of their virtual properties.

Uplandme sees the “play to own” concept as a step forward from the free-to-play/in-app purchase business model.

The company also expects Upland to reach a wider audience as it features places inspired from sites in real life and enables the ownership of virtual real estate properties.

Dirk Lueth, co-founder of Uplandme, said in a statement that giving players true ownership of their digital assets will encourage them to continue engaging with the game.

Upland’s economy is powered by UPX coins, its in-game currency. The game is currently in its closed beta phase.

Upon joining the game, beginners are given a temporary Upland-owned EOS account. Players can later become Uplanders and own their private EOS account once they have acquired UPX coins and virtual properties.