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Battle Racers to Release Public Playable Version, Migrate to Matic Network Sidechain

The web-based playable version of racing DApp game Battle Racers will be made available to the public starting Nov. 25 until the end of Decentraland’s Beta phase.

According to the announcement, interested players can play the blockchain game while in its Early Access phase, allowing them to race with other players in real time.

The playable version of Battle racers will operate independently from Decentraland.

In line with the launch of the game’s Early Access phase, Battle Racers will be giving away 85 different crates to seven winners, which will be announced on Dec. 20.

Battle Racers is also planning to migrate to a new Matic Network sidechain in preparation for its availability in the Decentraland Marketplace. The move includes automatically migrating players’ Battle Racers non-fungible tokens such as crates and car parts into the sidechain.

The switch also includes minting ERC20 crates, which will also be put on sale from Dec. 2 to Dec. 20. The crates will be sold with exclusive car parts from Season 1 of Battle Racers.

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