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War Riders Launches Public Weapon Sale

by Monica Padillo

Massively multiplayer online role-playing DApp game War Riders has launched a public weapon sale for players who are interested in purchasing loot boxes to access various guns.

During the sale, players can acquire ERC-721 standard weapons, which will possibly be paired with rare skins and barrels, using Ether or Benzene, the game’s cryptocurrency, according to a report by egamers.io.

The price of loot boxes will also increase throughout the sale.

After the weapons sale, the DApp game’s alpha version will be launched, enabling players to mine BZN tokens.

War Riders is a three-dimensional blockchain game that allows players to customize their own war vehicles and battle it out with enemies or other players for BZN,

Players are allowed to expand their garage locations, buy more weapons, and kill for influence to build a strong army.