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Donnerlab Unveils Lightning-Native FPS DApp Game Bitcoin Bounty Hunt

Donnerlab, a developer of lightning games and applications, has unveiled a multiplayer first person shooter DApp game called Bitcoin Bounty Hunt, which uses the Lightning Network to process transactions.

According to Donnerlab’s tweet, the blockchain game features an integrated neutrino wallet, hodl-auctions of adspace, and opportunities for players to fight for sat bounties.

The goal of the game is to collect bounty, pickup virtual boxes called Satoshi Cubes, and fight other players.

Collected bounties can be converted to earnings, which can be used to teleport to other players.

Last month, web-based 8-bit style gaming platform Satoshis.Games officially introduced Lightnite, a multiplayer battle royale DApp game that also uses the Lightning Network to process microtransactions.

Lightnite has two modes: a Bitcoin-integrated mode and a non-Bitcoin-integrated mode. In the Bitcoin-integrated mode, players are required to make a microtransaction using a wallet that supports the Lightning Network before joining the game.

Meanwhile, as the name implies, the non-Bitcoin-integrated mode allows players to play the game without any Bitcoin features as a way of promoting the mass adoption of cryptocurrency.

Monica Monica

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