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Splinterlands Partners With WAX to Improve Services, Expand User Base

by Monica Padillo

Spliterlands, a fantasy-themed digital collectible multiplayer card DApp game, is set on improving its services and expanding its user base after partnering with Worldwide Asset eXchange.

“We’re delighted to partner with WAX to expand our fantasy dApp card game to new communities while continuing to offer the high-end blockchain experiences we’re known for,” said Matt Rosen, co-CEO of Splinterlands, in the announcement.

Rosen added that the Splinterlands team is looking forward to using WAX’s microservices layer to streamline the integration process into the blockchain game.

Under the partnership with WAX, Splinterlands will work to simplify its user onboarding process by adopting the blockchain platform’s all-in-one single sign-on system.

The DApp game will also take advantage of the WAX ExpressTrade system to help its users easily and securely trade their non-fungible tokens for free.

Lastly, WAX opens up its resource hub, WAX Developer Hive, to developers who are interested in building DApps on the blockchain.

Splinterlands is a DApp game where players compete in skill-based matches, win battles to boost their position in the leaderboard, and gain fortune in the Grand Tournament. 

Players will get both summoner and monsters cards when they purchase the game’s Starter Set, which is required to play Splinterlands.

The game revolves around the story of the “Splintering” of a peaceful landscape into six separate kingdoms, all of which fought for control over the Splinterlands. An ancient prophecy foretells of a hero who will reunite the Splinters against the Greater Enemy, saving the world from a near inevitable doom.