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Matic Network Joins Blockade Games’ Blockchain Game Developer Platform as Blockchain Partner

Matic Network has been branded as Blockade Games’ recommended blockchain partner for the game publisher’s Blockchain Game Developer Platform.

According to the announcement, Blockade Games plans to launch games on Matic by early 2020, which is also when other Blockchain Game Developer Platform partners Ethereum and Loom Network will be made available for DApp game developers.

“Building on Matic allows developers to write contracts and develop in the same manner they’re used to on Ethereum, but deploying on Matic provides massive scalability and efficiency gains while providing similar security guarantees provided through a tether to Ethereum,” Blockade Games said.

The Blockchain Game Developer Platform is a system designed to get rid of user friction points and scale games to millions of players as a way of helping blockchain game studios and developers reach a wider audience.

Some of its initial features include non-fungible token caches for deployed contracts, transaction management, user accounts, wallet signature verification, NFT smart contracts, and wallet and payment system integration.

Monica Monica

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