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Block.one Venture Capital Invests in Biscuit Labs

by Monica Padillo

Block.one’s venture capital arm EOS VC has placed an investment in DApp game developer Biscuit Labs as part of an effort to further support the blockchain-based gaming sector.

Mike Alexander, CEO of EOS VC, said in the announcement that financially supporting Biscuit Labs, the blockchain game development company behind DApp game EOS Knights, enables the Block.one business unit to continue working with “some of the smartest minds” in the decentralized gaming industry.

“Biscuit has taken the powerful qualities of blockchain’s smart contract and combined it with the traditional Role Playing Game elements to produce one of the best-loved gaming apps on the market,” he added.

Biscuit CEO Jay Lee also noted that the investment confirms the South Korean company’s continuous partnership with EOS VC, as well as its belief that DApp games will contribute to the mass adoption of blockchain.

Last October, Biscuit Labs announced that it will run its upcoming DApp game Knight Story, a new version of EOS Knights, on TRON in December.

Under Biscuit Labs and TRON’s partnership, the blockchain network will work to promote Knight Story through its distribution network, which includes BitTorrent and Opera.