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0xGames Adds Support for NEO for 0xWarriors DApp Game

by Monica Padillo

0xGames has integrated with the NEO blockchain as part of the blockchain game development studio’s multi chain effort for the 0xWarriors DApp game.

According to the announcement, NEO joins 0xGames’ list of 0xWarriors blockchain partners, which currently includes Ethereum, EOS, and TRON.

0xGames expects the recent integration to help increase cross-chain user engagements. 

The gaming company is implementing a 50 percent discount on in-game store assets until Dec. 13 to encourage users to play 0xWarriors.

The DApp game developer launched 0xWarriors and its multi chain feature in 2018, starting with EOS. 0xGames initially anticipated the game to allow players to have various assets running on different blockchain platforms.

0xWarriors is a skill-based DApp game where players can form and manage five-member squads and fight with other players’ squads. Players can boost their squad’s combat performance by acquiring chests that contain items of different rarity levels.

Players can also receive chests or revenue share by participating in weekly public events held at the game’s Arena.